Eevan perintö ("The Legacy of Eve") is aggressive, melancholic and very finnish rock/metal, but failed to get the appreciation it deserved at the time of it's release. It may have been ahead of it's time. The angry melancholic rock was just sprouting from the seeds sown by certain predecessors, and the album still is hauntingly dark for those who, knowing the Finnish language, can find the connection between the basic but powerful music and the desperation, insanity, anger and mythical references of the lyrics. Indeed, Eevan perintö is both the heaviest and lyrically the most intense of Kotiteollisuus' works. Just like Tomusta ja tuhkasta after it, it draws inspiration from the dark sides of Kalevala and other finnish folklore in a way that only Ajattara has achieved, and even they in a more cryptic way. Anguish, depression and the daily grind are laced with grains of references to demons, religion, wilderness and a variety of persons in Kalevala.

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