Molten Universe are a garage rock band hailing from Sydney Australia featuring Tony Bambach, Gerard Corben and Tom Corben from the Lime Spiders, Richard Jakimyszyn ex-Lime Spiders, New Christs and Hitmen, Phil Jaquet ex-Celibate Rifles and Damien Stofka ex-Death Mattel. They released the "No Love Around" CD EP through Off The Hip Records in 2008 which received excellent reviews and extensive airplay throughout Australia, Europe and the USA. New Yorks Big Takeover magazine declared that "Molten Universe establishes itself as the latest flame keeper of the rock and roll torch" while WMBR Boston voted it in their top 10 new releases for that year. The lyrics of No Love Around exposed the dark underbelly of urban life and explored themes of sexual perversion, voodoo witchcraft and drug induced psychosis. Molten Universe deals out an uncompromisingly heavy garage rock sound which reinforces their stark and pessimistic world view. It is no wonder that Off The Hip label boss Mickster despaired that "It's no wonder there is no love around". Against this backdrop, Molten Universe are now extremely proud to annouce the release of their debut album "The Green Ray", 9 tracks of bone jarring garage rock which bears similarities to early Lime Spiders 7" releases, which is no surpise given the pedigree of the bands memebers. 8 of these tracks were recorded in glorious analogue at Tardis Studios in Marrickville and Pirate Studios on the picturesque far South Coast of NSW. The album contains 1 live track, a cover version of the Killer Kane Band tune "Long Haired Woman" which was recorded at The Excelsior Hotels "Sydney Trade Union Club Revival" in 2010. The lyrics of The Green Ray album again are slightly unnerving with the band traversing new subject matter such as Alien Abduction - specifically the bands abduction from their Tarago at The Big Merino Truckstop and subsequent torture and brainwashing by mutant alien creatures while travelling the country supporting the Cult on the 1987 Electric tour, geriatric vigilate squads, NWA pro wrestling - in particular the awesome Flair/ Steamboat fued of the early 90's, Ancient Egyptian Mummification practices and transgender prostituti

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