The premier Portuguese metal / gothic metal band, mostly known for 'Wolfheart' and 'Irreligious', went through a period of experimentation in the late 90s with electronics ('Sin/Pecado' and 'The Butterfly Effect'), before returning to a mostly gothic metal sound in 'Of Darkness and Hope') and then retreating to a gothic/death/black metal refuge, not seen in the band until their early EP days, like 1994's 'Under the Moonspell'. 'Memorial' takes this trend further. Fernando (the vocalist) very rarely sings cleanly anymore. Most of the album is composed of mid tempo death/black outbursts, set upon a gothic backdrop. The album is very reminiscent in style to ROTTING CHRIST's seminal 'Sleep of the Angels' - with the difference that there are even less clean vocals here. This picture is broken only by two tracks: Proliferation, which sounds like a JUNO REACTOR track from The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack, and Luna, which sounds like an outtake from 'Sin/Pecado'. But the problem with this album is that the compositions are very uninteresting. With Moonspell recycling 'Under the Moonspell' with few hints of the later progresses they made, 'Memorial' is a collection of mediocre compositions and rehashed atmospheres, with an angry Fernando screaming on top.

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